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Weymouth & Mr. Punch by Judith Stinton

July 2008

Mr. Punch came to Weymouth in Victorian times and has stayed there ever since. He took his place on the beach among the minstrels, pierrots and concert parties, outlasting every one of them.

This book traces the performing lives of Weymouth's Punch & Judy men - in particular the half-century reign of Frank Edmonds. It tells how Punch and Pierrot travelled from Italy through France and into England. It is the first account of their origins for more than twenty years, and the only one to explore them through the entertainment history of a single resort.

Weymouth would never have developed into a major resort were it not for King George III, who holidayed in the town for sixteen years: attending the little Theatre Royal on the Esplanade, bathing in the sea and taking the waters in the little spas which ringed the town. For without water, too, there would be no Weymouth.

The book is also a celebration of Weymouth, a unique place in the history of the seaside and of popular entertainment, and in literary life.

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Weymouth & Mr. Punch is a 240 page softback book (156 x 253 mm) with over 100 illustrations.
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Mark Poulton is Weymouth's current Punch & Judy Professor. To find out more about him and Punch & Judy have a look at his website.